Extreme Options:

This section is to describe extreme options in a little more detail.


Extreme members may create Clans. Each clan may have up to 5 teams.
Anyone can join a Clan extreme or regular member.
The founder of a clan may add/remove members and create/delete teams.
The specific ranking for individual teams can be found on the Recon=>Clan Rankings page.
Teams may have any number of players on them and may compete in any team ranking from 2v2,3v3,4v4.

Special Deployments:

Paradrop - Entire Deployment is paradropped into any one enemy territory.
Battle is automatically iniated until result of a complete victory is resolved either by the attacker or defender in the territory.
All other attacks for the player using paradrop are forfeit for this round (regular fortification and card is allowed after).


When active you will lose 1d6 armies from breaking an alliance.

Natural Disasters:

Natural Disasters when activated have a random chance of occuring
With 1 active there is a 10% chance of a disaster occuring at the begining of a round.
With 2 active there is a 15% chance of a disaster occuring at the begining of a round.
With 3 active there is a 20% chance of a disaster occuring at the begining of a round.
The first two rounds of a new game are always exempt from natural disasters occuring.

Locusts - Locusts will come and destroy the crops of 5% of the map.
This will result in the owner(s) of affected territories losing 20% of their next deployment (minimum loss of 1).

Typhoons - Typhoons come and damage 5% of the map.
Armies of affected arears will lose 25% of their troops (minimum loss of 1)

Epidemics - An epidemic breaks out in 5% of the map.
Armies in affected areas will lose 50% of their troops (minimum loss of 1)

Please note if the option abandon territory is active in a game a territory CAN lose it's last army resulting in the territory turning neutral.

Please think carefully before creating or joining a game with extreme options.